Today the Michigan Legislature finished up its last week of session before they reconvene on April 18th. During this legislative break, many state senators and representatives hold coffee hours or constituent meetings, and we encourage you to attend one of these. If you don’t know where your elected official will be hosting their coffee hour, respond to this email and we will work to find a location close to you.

After break, we expect the legislature to take up a series of major legislative actions, including the 2018 state budget proposal and K-12 curriculum reform.

Senator David Knezek is pushing to return money that was taken from public school employees. In a little known move, three percent was taken from public school employees’ salaries over three years – totaling more than $550 million. Multiple judges have consistently ruled this practice unconstitutional, but Gov. Snyder still hasn’t returned the money.

On a federal level, we are monitoring the recent news that President Trump is seeking to pull another $50 million from the Great Lakes this year to pay for a wall along the border of Mexico. Regardless of political affiliation — and particularly after announcing he was going to eliminate the Great Lakes budget completely next year — we should all be concerned about what will happen to our economy with zero Great Lakes funding.

In other news, it was just announced last night that both the U.S. House and Senate voted along party lines to allow internet service providers to collect and sell your personal information and browsing history — all without your permission. This is all unsettling, and we will continue to work with lawmakers to uphold your right to privacy.

And finally, this past week we traveled to the Bay County Democratic Party’s monthly meeting. We talked policy and politics, but most importantly, we listened to what everyone had to say. I wanted to send a shout out to them for hosting us. It was a pleasure to meet everyone, and we are excited to kick off this tour of our state.

If you have a weekly (or a monthly) meeting, we would love to attend. Send us information, and we will try to make it.

— Molly

Momentum 2018 Chair

Remember: the momentum of this movement is in your hands. We can provide the resources and the tools to succeed, but we need YOUR help to spread the word.