DeVos said what?!
Support for LGBTQ rights has skyrocketed in recent years — with 61 percent supporting marriage and 92 percent for employment equality — but Betsy DeVos seems to miss the message that discrimination is no longer tolerated.

Lawmakers asked DeVos if she would require schools that receive federal funding to abide by nondiscrimination policies, and her final answer was shocking.

DeVos grilled on protecting LGBT students from discrimination

History in the making
Detroit isn’t waiting for DeVos to change her opinion on LGBTQ rights. The city scored 100 percent on an inclusion index that measures a city’s laws and policies, and is flying a pride flag in support of Pride Month.

Rainbow pride flag rises at Detroit’s Hart Plaza

Another day, another Trump scandal
It would be wrong not to mention the biggest news story of the year. Today, former FBI Director James Comey testified under oath about his meetings with President Trump — and the headlines speak for themselves.

Comey testifies that White House lied in describing the reasons he was fired