Michigan Jobs First

We all have mom-and-pop businesses where we can buy groceries or clothes. We have local places we know and trust to do the job right. We have companies rooted in Michigan that employ our neighbors.

These businesses are part of the lifeblood of our cities and towns.

It’s simple. Hiring Michigan businesses to do the job saves Michigan jobs and supports our economic growth.

Unfortunately, instead of hiring Michigan businesses, some elected officials have awarded taxpayer projects to out-of-state and foreign corporations.

The Problem
An investigation by the Lansing State Journal found that only 22 percent of Michigan tax dollars for state contracts are awarded to in-state companies. That means a quarter of every taxpayer dollar for state contracts is sent to out-of-state or overseas corporations.

It also means Michigan loses out on creating thousands of jobs right here at home.

What’s worse, this is preventable.

Many other states show preference to local businesses by giving in-state companies the first chance in the state bidding process.

The Solution
We want to reward Michigan-based companies that create jobs and give them an economic advantage over out-of-state companies.

Our Michigan Jobs First plan will make sure that homegrown employers and small businesses are prioritized and supported when bidding on state contracts.

Employers and their workers right here in the Great Lakes State create jobs, invest in our communities, pay taxes, and purchase goods and services from other Michigan companies.

Our Michigan Jobs First plan will stand up for workers and businesses in Michigan first.

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