The momentum begins with you!
We're all in. Are you?

Michigan has the longest freshwater coastline in the nation. Our lakes, rivers and tributaries are home the 84% of North America’s freshwater supply.

The decision between filling a prescribed, even lifesaving, medication or foregoing our medications altogether is tough. Many of us Michiganders have been there.

We all have mom-and-pop businesses where we can buy groceries or clothes. We have local places we know and trust to do the job right.

Providing a quality education for our kids should be a no-brainer.

Potholes. Sinkholes. Bridges raining concrete. We build the best cars and trucks in the world, yet we drive on the worst roads in the nation.

Michigan’s waters are iconic, but too many of our residents today cannot drink the water in their community or touch the lake outside their door.

"History has consistently shown us that the momentum generated by a group of engaged people will always become a powerful force for change, without which the status quo will remain.”
- Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich

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