Building Bridges and Roads

Potholes. Sinkholes. Bridges raining concrete. We build the best cars and trucks in the world, yet we drive on the worst roads in the nation.

Michigan’s Republican-controlled legislature has blocked proper investment in our roads over the last three decades. Governor Snyder and Senate Republicans have had seven years to fulfill their promise to improve roads. Their failure has brought roads and bridges to a breaking point.

We cannot afford to continue down this path.

The Problem
We are all paying more for car registration and gas taxes at the pump — measures Republicans promised would generate the funds to eliminate our road woes.

All the while, infrastructure continues to crumble and funding for repairs remains inadequate.

A new infrastructure report card gives Michigan failing grades on the roads that carry us from business to business and across communities.

Roads: D-
Drinking Water: D
Bridges: C

Drivers are forced to waste hundreds of dollars each year on popped tires, realignment, broken suspensions and bent rims as they navigate roads with gaping holes and bridges in danger of collapse.

The Solution
Experts unanimously agree we need bold, strategic investment in roads. In fact, some experts suggest Michigan must invest an additional $4 billion dollars to properly repair our aging infrastructure.

Republicans continue to play political games, but we are committed to do more than patch the problem.

Dems: Use $542M in budget savings to fix Michigan roads

We have introduced dozens of bills and amendments to repave roads and rebuild bridges, while creating thousands of jobs in the process. We will continue to fight hard for funding that makes a difference.

Everyone deserves the piece of mind that the pavement under their tires or suspended above their family as they travel to work, school or vacation, is safe and secure.

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