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Curtis Hertel (sd23)

Curtis Hertel Jr. has served as Ingham County Register of Deeds since 2009, working hard to inform the public about the dangers of property and mortgage fraud.

He continues to battle the foreclosure crisis by educating residents about their options, and the types of government help available to them.

In 2011, when banks began to conduct foreclosure fraud, he began his fight on behalf of Ingham County residents illegally forced out of their homes. Curtis has a number of lawsuits pending against banks, foreclosure firms & attorneys to bring this issue further into the light. Additionally, because of his efforts, an attorney has been hired to fight individual cases of wrongful foreclosure in Ingham County, and a hotline where concerned citizens could get more information was introduced. He also held 12 community forums across the county to further educate the public about the issue.

He was chosen to become vice-president of the Michigan Association of Registers of Deeds in 2011, and was re-elected to a second term as Ingham County’s Register of Deeds in 2012.

He has also served on the Ingham County Health Plan Board and co-chaired the Ingham County Census Board.

Previously, he served as an Ingham County Commissioner from 2001-2008. On the Commission, Curtis focused on expanding access to health care in the community through the Ingham Health Plan, improving the quality of Ingham County’s housing stock through his work on the Ingham County Land Bank Authority, and improving the lives of workers in the community by passing the living wage. While a commissioner, he also served as Vice-chair of the Board of Human Services Committee.

During that same time Curtis Hertel Jr. worked on the public’s behalf for the State of Michigan. Curtis served as Constituent Relations Director for the House Democratic Caucus. For 6 years Curtis Hertel Jr. worked for the Department of Community Health. He also served as the Department’s Legislative Liaison. In his role with the department Curtis was the lead on several packages of legislation including the Governor’s Childhood lead safety package, the Nursing Home background check package, and the Childhood Booster Seat package.

Curtis Hertel Jr. is a graduate of Michigan State University’s James Madison College.

Curtis Hertel Jr. lives in Meridian Township, is married to Elizabeth, and has 4 children: CJ (age 8), Nathan (age 7), Hailey (age 6), and Jack (age 2).

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